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Mlle Gaëlle

Mlle Gaëlle


Starting out in a small student flat in Leuven, this legally blonde saw the sweet escape from Law School, by taking it out on the decks. While finding answers in music no societal law could ever give, this little girl was eager make music her world. On waves of sound in deephouse waters, her daydreams found the night. After only deejaying for less than 2 years, Mlle Gaëlle already played top house venues such as club Verso, Rockvillage Werchter, Pulo!bar, Treasury, and Club Industria. Where she’ll take her skills for the next few years is a hard thing to say, but if her (heart)beat pulsates through a room, the night becomes our day. Today, innocence and fearlessness might just be the two words to define her musical shape. After all, with Mlle Gaëlle’s vibes in charge, wild thoughts escape.


Agency: Deep House Belgium

Email: bookings@deephousebelgium.com

The artist

Nationality: Belgian

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