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Evi Goffin (Antwerp, February 27, 1981) is a Belgian singer and presenter. She became best known as a member of the Lasgo group, where she was a singer from 2001 to 2008.
Goffin took her first steps in showbiz in the winter of 1999, under the stage name Medusa.

Then she releases the song Miss you with “Fiocco”. The song was in the Ultratop 50 for a few weeks. Later on in ’99, Goffin alias Medusa participated in Eurosong, the preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 1999. Via a wildcard she is directly in the final. The song that she sings is “Into my life” and was written by Stefan Wuyts, a well-known Belgian dance producer. In the end Medusa became eighth and last. At the TMF Awards 1999 Goffin (then still as Medusa) was presented as the new singer of 2 Fabiola.

She succeeded Zohra, who then preferred to go solo. The first song that released 2 Fabiola featuring Medusa was a dance cover of New Year’s Day from U2. The second single of the group is a personal creation. The song is called Summer in space. It was a slightly harder dance song so it did not get a lot of airplay and it did not become a big hit either.

This brought an end to 2 Fabiola featuring Medusa. Goffin never used the artist name Medusa ever since and 2 Fabiola did not publish a song until 2008.
The great success came in 2001 with Lasgo. This group was composed of herself (singer), Peter Luts and Dave McCullen (both producers). Goffin was a member of the group up to and including 2008.

Lasgo’s first appearance was on the Holiday Party, one of the biggest out parties in Belgium. The Music Factory recorded the show to produce a video clip. In October, Lasgo also won the best national single award on the Belgian TMF Awards 2001. At the same time, it went gold with 25,000 copies sold.

Lasgo’s debut single “Something” was released in the summer of 2001 and became a hit all around Europe, charting at #5 in Belgium as well as #4 in the UK Singles Chart.

In November 2001, Lasgo released their second single “Alone”. This single was taken from Lasgo’s debut album, Some Things. The music video for “Alone” was shot in a large office in Berlin, Germany.

During 2002, Lasgo was nominated for several awards: International Dance Club Hit of the Year (with “Something”) and International New Dance Group of the Year at the Danish Dance Awards and Best Trance Act at the Dancestar World Music Awards 2002.

In August 2002, “Alone” was released in the UK and charted there at #7. It peaked at #3 in Belgium, making it their highest peaking song by them on the Belgian Charts. The debut album Some Things was released in the UK at the same time and peaked at #30 in the UK Albums Chart. “Pray” peaked at #17 in December that year.
At around the same time, Some Things was released in the United States.

In November 2002, Lasgo won the Smash Hits award for Best Dance Act of the Year 2002 in the UK. December 2002 marked the release of the second version of Some Things in Belgium. The re-release featured three new songs (“Searching”, “You” and “I Wonder”) along with remixes of their hits.

In 2004 Lasgo wins an EBBA Award. Every year the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) recognize the success of ten emerging artists or groups who reached audiences outside their own countries with their first internationally released album in the past year.

On 1 May 2009 Goffin started as a presenter at the digital channel Gunktv. On January 6, 2011 she exchanged the channel for GameNuts, just like many other former Gunk presenters before her.


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