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DHB Interview – Kosinski

How did it all start for you?

Well, I’ve been attracted by music creation as far as I remember, now I consider myself like a producer on the first place, and DJ on the second place, but weirdly my very first contact with music was on a little DJ-console (the first of its kind, you know the one that looks like a toy…).

I was 12 years old and asked this toy for my birthday, because I first thought that a DJ booth was the gear that DJ’s were using for producing.

In most of electronic music videos they all were playing on a DJ booth and were named « DJ something », so I only realized later (after spending some weeks on the console) the difference between a DJ and a Producer, 2 years later I acquired my first DAW and finally found out what I really wanted to do…

How did you choose your DJ name?

I didn’t, it has chosen me… I decided to keep my surname as my artist name to keep a little of my family’s legacy.

I come from the poorest region of Poland, that has been completely looted for decades by the Soviet Union, we can still feel it’s presence today just watching the buildings, the roads, but most of all the poverty.

My grand mother was nearly born in a Siberian gulag, sent there as a retaliation to my great-grandfather’s escape from a soviet prison where he was locked for illegal « meat dealing » , she checked in with her mother and sister at 2 years old, and was sent back alone to Poland at 6 with no more family left but managed to go home and raised her own big family in a little farm…

So I already feel pretty lucky to be alive in those circumstances, then my parents managed to go away right after I was born when the Berlin wall felt, my father built-up his own company from scratch in Brussels, starting as an under-paid worker and gave me a more decent life than they ever had, without which I wouldn’t have touched to a single music gear so far…

I’m very impressed by the long road they have been through, to see where they come from and all they managed to do for us anyway.

That’s why I want to honor all of them by keeping that name, even if it’s difficult to pronounce for some people

Who is your biggest inspiration?

The first name that comes to my mind is Jean-Michel Jarre, he has been into my father’s playlist since I was a baby, so I think that he’s the main guy behind my love for synths even if I know that nostalgia is also a big thing.

But I’d like also to mention The Prodigy that introduced me to the darkest sides of music.

What has been the most memorable night for you as a DJ?

Well iI don’t have a very long live career behind me, very short actually,  so far spent all my time into studio rather than on a stage…  I had couple of cool gigs in Brussels too but i hope the best is yet to come.

Except deep house what is your favorite music genre?

Probably techno… I’m always fighting between these two genres so it often gives «melodic deep techno ».

But I also love doing slower genres like break-beat and electronica, that are nothing to do with techno, just depends of my large catalogue of moods I encounter everyday.

What is your favorite track ever? Are there memories linked to it?

Well i’m not sure I have one, my favorite tracks are changing alongside with my moods, so I prefer to skip this one

What is your favorite DJ set ever? Why?

My favorite sets are actually LIVE acts, the first electronic music live that I saw, and that marked me -nothing about deep-house though-  is The Prodigy’s live acts, more precisely  Liam Howlett.

I always stares on what he does live rather than watching Keith and Maxim jumping around.

What are your music predictions? How will the scene evolve?

Well electronic music nowadays is fully accepted so I have the hope that my 10 years of work on my music won’t be lost in 2 years because of a global music taste change…

What is your preferred DJ pose based on the famous DJ pose list?

Hahaha, I’m not sure it’s in there -first of all because all of these DJs looks very comfortable.

I don’t feel comfortable enough live yet to raise a single hand up.  So I’d say « The Artist » but with a much more serious and focused face.

What is the best part of life as a DJ?

I hope the one that is yet to come.

What is the worst experience you had as a DJ?

Well already probably happened to all of us, but I was invited by a staff to play mostly my tracks, in a place where the audience only accept music they already know. 

The kind of music the place usually plays, so I don’t blame anyone for this but it was 2 very long hours for me, people coming all along my set asking to change the music to some tracks I don’t own, when I tried to please them with more « known » stuff  I had, the staff was asking my why did I change. 

I had clearly the feeling making no one happy in there and this was a very bad feeling for me I was glad when it ended up!

Who would you love to DJ with?

Stephan Bodzin, Maceo Plex, Solomun and many more -for my « main » genre-.

I also love to play proper house and techno in some DJ sets so I bet playing with Carl Cox would be pretty fun thing.

Sounds pretty mainstream references but I think those artists deserved their success unlike some marketing-based artists…

What is your ideal DJ booth?

My ideal way to play would be on a LIVE set-up, with Ableton Live, even though I produce on Logic, so my laptop, controllers like APC40, LaunchPad,..

Stephan Bodzin impressed me with he’s Moog Sub37 live, so I wish i get one for my lives and productions one day, analog synths and gears are too expensive stuff for me to own right now so

I stick to the cheap way and hope will gear up with time and someday will not need a laptop anymore.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

You mean a DJ like me?

Well never give up, a lot of people will try to bring you down, even your family and close friends may not believe in you at the beginning, but it should only push you to try harder, you will have a lot of doubts, you will need to live with it maybe for a long time but if you keep trying it will get you somewhere sooner or later…

Except music… what are your hobbies? What are you doing during your free time?

Music only… Beside working everyday on it as my « main thing »  it’s also a big passion, so it’s taking a BIG part of my life… Every single day I open Logic and I produce at least a little, but usually a lot… It became a daily need for me, I’m not a very talkative and very social person so I guess it probably helps me somehow.

But I realize that it’s a hard life to share with someone, they often feel neglected by me because of this passion, it was probably a big reason for my latest break-up…

So I still need to find the right balance obviously, but I will look for it as soon as I reach some of my goals.

And finally… Why do you love Deep House Belgium?

I can’t remember how it started! As far as I really started using Facebook I was following DHB, was for me the main way to see and hear some news about Deep-House.

There is also a large community of Polish people living in Belgium -nearly all my polish friends- following and reposting DHB stuff before even I got envolved in it.

I had no dj-sets online,  but a lot of productions, so when I saw that DHB was opening a label I saw a chance for me to join the team and I sent my demos.

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